There are some dog treats that are made to help calm your pet down. Homemade dog calming treats are tough to make and you should contact a professional first. We can help, but we recommend seeing your vet to see which dog calming treats are best for your dog. Some of these are going to be chewy treats that can have them stop having a high level of anxiety. So this would be good to bring with you when you take them to new places. Or even if they go to the vet and do not like it when they recognize where they are going. Then these can very well be some treats that you have made in your very own home. Also, someone that you know may be the one who is making these dog treats as well. These are some reason why having homemade relaxing dog treats really are wonderful. 

Different Brands

There are a few really good brands when it comes to getting your pets some nice calming treats. Anxitane Chewable Tablets are going to be the best bang for your buck for the overall effect. VetriScience Composure treats will be the ones that should have the quickest effect on your pet. Then the best long-term effect would definitely have to be Solliquin. NaturVet Quiet Moments will be the best one that has melatonin in it if you are comfortable giving that to your pet. Then you may like to find some different brands which aren’t listed and see what they do. So it is nice to have these different brands at your disposal. Homemade dog calming treats are highly beneficial for your dog.

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Different Effects

You may be able to figure out that most of the different treats will be able to have different effects. Also, know that you may want to see how much of the treat you are going to give to your pet. One huge thing you will want to stay clear of would-be mixing different kinds of treats for your pets. This can be very bad for them and even make things worse for them. Also, do not let them over-consume any of these treats either. Then i would definitely ask your vet before you decide to give them any sort of these treats. So just make sure you know what you will be getting your pet into before you end up doing it. 

Treat Time

There are some good times when you can be giving your pet the treats they deserve. One of these times is when you are going to be training them to do a trick. Or even if they are learning to be potty trained and letting you know when they need to go outside. Sure it can be rough at first but eventually, they will learn. Also, it may even be a nice time to reward them when they have been on good behavior in public. When they are being very nice to people that come over and do not bother them. These would be some very good treat times for your pets so keep that in mind. 

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Treat Types

There are so many different kinds of treatment types out there to select from. You can end up deciding to give them the iconic dog treat bone if you would like. Or even some flavored dog treats that they may crave so much. Some dogs may prefer to have some chewy treats over some other ones as well. Then keep in mind it may be some nice human food that you can give them on occasion. Things of this sort may be some vegetables or even some meat too. Then it may be something that they love to drink and you give it to them as a reward. 

Natural Techniques

There are a good amount of natural ways that can be sued to calm down your pet. One of them would be to provide them with some nice exercise. Then keep in mind that you can even calm them down with some nice scratching or massaging. Some dogs even do enjoy being hugged and next to you. Plus another thing is brushing them out and also grooming them too. They also may love being taken on some walks as well which could make their entire day. So just know that you can try some natural techniques as well if you would like to. 

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Knowing The Dosage

One key thing would be knowing how much to give your pet for them to relax. It will say it on the package that you have and instruct you on what you should do. Also, take into account the preferred body weight and the weight it requires. Sure you may have to do some math but it will give your pet what it should need. Then if it is your first time giving them this you should definitely keep an eye on them. Be sure to pay attention to how they react to it and how they should react. This will definitely help you on knowing the right dosage your pet will require. 


Well with all of this information I hope that it has helped you toward the path of calming treats for your dog. Then something you will have to take into account would be the many different brands that you can get. Plus keep in mind all the different effects it can have on your pets as well. Be sure to give them this when you feel it would be an appropriate treat time as well. Keep in mind the many treat types and which ones your pet may actually enjoy the most. Then there are some natural techniques that you may like to try if the treats are not working for your pet. Plus it is vital to know the dosage so your pet will stay safe as well.