It is a very excellent thing to know that there are so many different kinds of treats when it comes to your pets. Especially for dogs in general because they have too many different flavors and types as well. This is really fascinating for how far we have come for our dearly beloved companions. Well, a good thing to know that there is some really good natural chicken treats for dogs. This is excellent if you can tell they choose that flavor among some others. Plus another thing to note would be there are in fact artificial and natural chicken flavors and your pet may enjoy both. The nice thing is that you know you have many options to try out and see what your pet really enjoys. 

What Is The Best Type Of Treat

You may have been trying to research what is the best type of treatment for your pet. Well if that is the case it really is up to either you or what your pet really likes. Then you may even see which ones may be appropriate for your pet depending if they have certain conditions. Also, you may want to check on the ingredients for these treats and find out if they are what you want your pet to ingest. Plus read some reviews on the products so you can find out if you truly feel it is the best one for your pet. With all of the types of pet treats out there it would also be wise to rotate or pick some different treats for your pets. Then you may find they enjoy some pets over others ones. 

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Real Vs Artificial

When you are at question whether you want to give your pet the artificial treat or the real treat. It really comes down to you but notices some differences. The natural treats will without a doubt be a lot healthier for your animal. Although some of the artificial treats could have some healthy things blended into them which may be beneficial as well. Plus the natural ones may seem to be a bit more pricy. The artificial ones will be cheaper and have fewer nutrients for your pet. If this does not bother you then it won’t matter which one of those you may end up choosing. Just know that it is nice to give your pet what you think they deserve. 

When To Give Them A Treat

There are lots of different times when you may be able to give your pet a treat. One of them may be if you are rewarding them for some training they are doing. Another time could even be if they have improved a lot when you have been potty training them. Note it may be nice to reward them if they behave on a walk and are nice to other people. Plus it may be on their birthday or a holiday that you end up giving them some treats too. It wouldn’t be wise to give them treats all of the time though because they will expect them or even be bad for them. So this may help you gauge some good times to give your pets some well-deserved treats. 

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Homemade Vs Store Bought

There are some differences when it comes to store-bought versus homemade treats. The store-bought treats may be cheaper than what you are providing. Also, there could be a larger amount of them as well. Just note that in this case quality should triumph over quantity. Also when it comes to homemade treats you will be able to choose the ingredients you want for your pet. This is nice because you won’t have to worry about all of those chemicals and fillers your pet will ingest. Then something else you may want to know could be that you won’t have to worry about the hours of operation when you run out of treats for your pet and can make new ones. With store-bought treats, you will not have to make any treats which can save you some time if you are busy. 

Healthy Vs Non-Healthy

The unhealthy dog treats will be along the lines of rawhides, milk, and amaro bones treat, as well as the begin strips. This is due to the high chemical and filler content which is equivalent to junk food for pets. This is something that you will want to avoid for your furry friends. The better treats would be along the lines of some different types of vegetables and even some meat. Make sure that they have these without some seasoning and research which ones can be raw or cooked. Your pet may like and crave these more than artificial treats. These are some of examples of healthy versus nonhealthy dog treats. 

Treats Per Breed

There is no true rule of thumb for different treats for breed types. Although one thing you may note is the size of the pet. This will entail that you should get the appropriate treat size for the size of your pet. If the smaller dog will over consume they can become very sick from them. Plus you may want to research your breed and any possible allergies or health complications they may have. Then you may want to research the treatment and see if it may hurt your pet with its properties in the long run. These things can help you decide which treatment may be the best for your breed of dog. 


One very popular treat among pet owners would be the natural chicken-flavored dog treat. Even if you have often pondered on which treatment may be the best for your pet just know it is up to preference. Look and see the differences between artificial treats and real ones. Plus keep in mind that there are times when is appropriate for you to give them treats. Research the different things when it comes to homemade vs store-bought treats. Then you may be interested in the different types of treats per dog breed. This can guide you toward those goals you have been looking for with your furry little friends!